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Hello everyone, I’m from Taiwan. This is a compilation of time lapse videos shot over the last two years when I travelled Europe with my wife and son. I'm excited to share some of my favorite clips. I think that everybody needs to take a trip and have their eyes opened to just how beautiful the world is.

Please watch full screen in HD with sound if your device allows it.

Thanks so much for checking it out. Please feel free to share.


Special thanks to my lovely wife for taking all journeys with me and to my wonderful son. For everything.


30 countries include:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech, Danmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Montenegro, Nederland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sanmarino, Slovenia, Slovensk, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and Vatican

TIMELAPSE, April, 2014

Magical Europe


One family, 2 cameras, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ time lapse videos, 200,000+ images - almost 20 terabytes of data!


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